Gérald Gurtner

Physics, Networks and Agent-Based Models

Air Traffic Simulator

The second part of the ELSA project was dedicated to the a computational model which was aiming at modelling complex new concepts from SESAR, like free-routing. The model was divided in two independent parts, which were brought together in the subsequent ELSA extension.

The first one is an Agent-Based Model, called the Strategic Layer, featuring a Network Manager and airlines, competing for the best slots/paths on the navpoint network.

To Strategic Layer

The second one is a simulation of the tactical part, including a super-controller able to solve conflict in a realistic way.

To Tactical Layer

The code is hosted on Github and it freely available (under GPL v3). The code includes:

  • A network generator, usable with existing airspace or generating whole new ones.
  • The Strategic layer, plus a simplified version to use with the tactical layer
  • A rectification module, to study free-routing,
  • A pre-conflict solver, to study the effect of strategic conflict-free trajectories, as planned by SESAR.
  • The Tactical Layer.
  • Some post-processing tools, for network analyses and display.
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