Gérald Gurtner

Physics, Networks and Agent-Based Models


When I was working at Deep Blue, I was part of some consulting activities for some European project, in particular in the consortium called INNOVATE.

Loosely speaking, the consulting activities were aiming at ensuring a consistency between the work of primary projects in SESAR and the their high level targets as set by the master plan of SESAR. This including digging into EATMA, the European ATM Architecture, an integrated Enterprise Architecture  of ALL the procedures and agents involved in the current and future situations of ATM.

Details of this activity would be too long for this website, so I just put a graph I have produced during this period. It shows the inconsistencies of the message exchanges between different flight phase. At the primary level, the projects are planning some of these messages. At the planning level (B.4.2 project), the planning team translates the master plan into procedures, where other message exchanges are planned. These two sets of message exchanges should be the same. This what figure below allows to discover (click for an interactive version).

Information elements exchanges between B.4.2 functional processes

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